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 The ultimate panda podcast with Pambassador Pouille

Publié le : 19 août 2018  |  Auteur : Jérôme POUILLE  |  Source : I'm in China


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In the run-up to the first China Giant Panda International Culture Week, we’re joined by Chengdu Pambassador and Panda UNDP Champion, Jérôme Pouille from France for this week’s podcast.





An expert in all things panda, Jérôme Pouille covers the latest goings-ons on his website, dedicated to the Giant Panda. He is also the author of the booklet "Giant Pandas, conservation ambassadors" and the picture book "Giant pandas around the world" (and its English version "Giant pandas around the world"), and the author of several contributions for journals and magazines.



A lot was covered in our conversation - from how the panda got its signature black and white fur, the panda’s journey from an obscure cat found in China to one of the world’s most adorable and beloved creatures, to whether there were once pandas in Europe! 

During the conservation education project "Chengdu Pambassador", Jérôme got the opportunity to share experience for three months daily trainers, veterinarians and scientists from the Chengdu Research Base of breeding giant panda (Chengdu research base of giant panda breeding).

The same project led him to make a world tour of zoos, exhibiting the giant panda in captivity where he could meet the staff and conduct educational activities for conservation with the public.

Think that you have what it takes to follow in Jérôme’s footsteps and become a pambassador? Sichuan is currently recruiting globally for people from all walks of life to work with the province to help safeguard the future of the Giant Panda and its home! If you think that you may be interested in taking on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity then follow this space!



Sichuan will host the Panda China - Sichuan Night Theme Event and the Panda China - Sichuan Theme Exhibition as a part of the China Giant Panda International Culture Week. 



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